Mardi Gras Masquerade

Mardi Gras Masquerade

Joy Isley! Thank you for hosting the Benefit for Unmasking Domestic Violence. 

CEO Valerie Watkins of “Cry Out 2 Get Out!

“Unmasking the mask of Domestic Violence”

And Valerie Yvette, “Against All Oddz”

Thank you to Queen Sistah Joy Isley of EGC Entertainment Group for recognizing the tireless efforts of Domestic Violence Advocacy and the financial challenges we face within the Domestic Violence Community. The “Unmasking Domestic Violence” Fundraiser event at Legacy Music Event Center in Eastridge Mall, Gastonia was full of laughter, great food and great people uniting together for such a great cause. Congratulations to the crowned King & Queen👑

 Remember if you see something say something. Domestic Violence impacts everyone🙏💜🙏

CEO Valerie Watkins 

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